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About the tutorials

Welcome to the health protection e-learning module.

Maintaining competence in health protection is important for everyone taking part in the out of hours rota. In the South West a range of options are available for this, including:

This e-learning module was developed at the request of public health consultants in the South West to help when they are unable to attend training events, or when they need a refresher on a particular topic. It was funded by the former South West Teaching Public Health Network and content developed by health protection consultants and specialists working in the region. It was developed in partnership with the Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol which was responsible for the technical aspects of the module.

The module is comprised of a series of tutorials the content of which is based on the Faculty of Public Health’s Health Protection Training for Generalists in Public Health, Including Educational Requirements for On-Call.

Each tutorial stands alone and is comprised of a scenario that you may encounter out of hours. As you work through the scenario you will be encouraged to weigh up the available facts presented in each scenario and consider what action you would take in that situation. Suggestions for good practice are then revealed, followed by more details information where necessary. At the end of the scenario, each tutorial includes background information relating to the topic and links to additional resources.

You can revisit the tutorials as many times as you wish as revision. Having completed the tutorial you are invited to complete a personal reflection form for your portfolio and a tutorial evaluation form.

Enjoy the tutorials

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